Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sneak Peek

Here's a pic of some chairs I am reupholstering. The before is rather bland - I don't do bland. I like high contrast with pattern, color and texture so here is the start - the backs of the chairs. You can see the quite a difference from the original chair to my upcycled version. (Upcycled: verb - recycled but better - synonyms: eco-chic, handmade lovliness, creative destiny fulfilled)

I chose the black and white Diamond Eye fabric by Alexander Henry and accented it with a red and white dotty print in a rococo style applique. I made the applique pattern, cut it out and hand stitched it to the Diamond Eye fabric PRIOR to stapling the fabric to the chair. I wanted the edges of the applique to be raw to contrast the precise-ness (that's a word in Webster's, right?) of the Diamond Eye pattern. As time passes the edges will become the perfect amount of imperfect that I see in my mind.

You can also see I sanded and painted the wood part of the chair. It's a high gloss black. There is a good chance this will get sanded down a touch. At first I thought I'd love the smooth, sleek high gloss finish but I like to grunge things up too much to leave it so pristine.

A bit more work to get them finished, but so far, I'm loving the transformation!

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