Thursday, August 13, 2009

Slow Week...

I know I haven't really been blogging. It's hard to work while on meds that make you SO VERY sleepy! Every time I have to take the Bentyl (3 times a day) I have to lay down for about an hour. I can't fight the grogginess. Is that a word? I'm only on the meds for a week and then I should be good as new. I've chosen to control the symptoms with my diet. So far so good. I basically stripped everything out of my diet and introduce just a few extremely low fat, high fiber foods. Low acid too and no dairy. My diet was already pretty low fat but very high acid. I can practically drink vinegar out of the bottle. I put it on everything. Along with pickles, banana peppers, olives, salads. So I'm cutting those food out for now and we'll see how things go once the infection is gone and my gallbladder isn't aggravated.

I've had LOTS of water this week and some Bolthouse Farms fruit smoothies. The ones you buy in the produce section. The mango one is good but caused a little burning so I nixed it. The berry ones are DELICIOUS! Blue Goodness is good. My favorite is the Berry Boost! YUM!

I haven't had a Coke since Sunday. For anyone who knows me this is HUGE! I was drinking 2-3 cans a day - sometimes more and usually only eating 1 meal and a snack sometime through out the day. I've never had a big appetite but Coke isn't the most nutritional diet ;) Fairly often I would drink a Slim Fast in the morning for some vitamins. Still not a great diet. Not to mention the acid in the Coke was probably bad for my gallbladder even though I never had pain after drinking one.

So, now I'm getting back to the healthy eating habits I had when the kids were younger. Putting the things I know to do into action again.

I'll be back with something more exciting to read soon. Just trying to keep myself awake on these meds. I haven't even been driving as they also make me lightheaded and dizzy. Will be SO glad to get off of them! I hate taking medicine. I barely take something for a headache.

Ok, off to answer some email while I have a whole grain bagel and some Berry Boost!

Enjoy your day~

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