Monday, August 3, 2009

Rockin' Cool Idea

So, by now you know that I have cool ideas, right?! haha Just play along ...

Billy and I have been talking and think we have some pretty creative and talented customers. We've seen your homes, your decorating projects and some of you even send us digital designs of your own that you would like cut into a decal. There is a surprising amount of talent out there. And that's just what we're seeking.
Calling all graphics designers
and wannabe's!!

I'll give you the full scoop in the next couple of days but this is the gist.

You submit designs to us. We will gather them for the next couple of weeks or so and then the blog readers will get to vote on the winning design. That design will be put in our shop, with credit to the artist, of course, and you will win a decal of your design and a $50 gift certificate!

We hope you are all as excited about this as we are! We've seen some AMAZING designs come through. There are no limits on the style of design. It may not, however, be lude, crude or otherwise rude. That's just not the Single Stone style ;) We get to be the judges of that.

Files may be submitted to and MUST contain DESIGN CONTEST in the subject. I get nearly 100 emails a day and your entries will easily get looked over with the proper text in the subject.
Can't wait to see what you all come up with!!

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Nani said...

Urghhhh!!! I wish my computer will work properly!!! I will find a way :)