Wednesday, August 26, 2009

New Art!

I added a new family name decal to the shop today! Recently, Stephanie Troyer, a Fab 5 member, was watching a movie and was inspired by an old crate with the name of the shipping company on it. She has been recycling some old ugly furniture with her Troyer touch and needed some decals. She described to me the image on the shipping create and we collaborated until the design was just right. I took the feel of the design and adapted it for the shop. Once I get pics of the finished table I'll share them with you. I should share more of her projects. They are really quite good. Or maybe Steph should start her own blog. Hmm, that's a nice idea ;) It would totally be worth reading!

Anyway, here are the designs. Top one is Steph's. Bottom one is the store design.

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Studio 76 said...

This looks awesome!! Stephanie Troyer is like such an inspiration...if only she knew how to even set up a blog...perhaps she will embark upon that sometime...I know her pretty I'll go ahead and pass the idea on to the mean time...keep up the great work Singlestone!