Monday, August 10, 2009

Eventful Weekend

Saturday morning as I was running errands with Mackenzie I came across 2 chairs that are PERFECT for my latest project. I have the nail head trim removed and the chairs completely taken apart ready to be recovered and made cool. The best part - $20 each!

Then on Sunday we went to Billy parents to hang out with them and his brother and his family. It was going to be a nice relaxing day. We had stuffed peppers from the garden and topped it off with a chocolate ice cream cone and before I knew it I was in the worst pain ever! After about 45 mins of the pain not subsiding Billy took me to the ER and found out it was my gallbladder. Oh my goodness, I couldn't breath it was so bad! I had 2 babies without pain meds and this was worse. It felt like contractions too, which is what the Dr told me my gallbladder was doing. But the location of it (up near your heart) makes the BURNING pain unbearable. Taking a breath was torturous. After a few hours in the ER, some vicodin, and Bentyl, I was feeling MUCH better. Now to schedule an ultrasound to determine whether or not I should have it removed. Till then, a bland diet. I don't do bland food - I love peppers and spice and heat and tomatos - all of which are no-no's, but trust me, I'll live on dry toast and water alone to avoid that kind of pain again! Whew!

Anyone out there ever had their gallbadder removed? Funny thing is my brother just had his removed in June. Weird. Thank goodness I knew what his symptoms were and went to the ER sooner than he did. He had quite an ordeal. They were able to remove his laproscopically and his recovery was relatively easy - as far as having surgery goes. Which is what the Dr told me they would do for mine, laproscopic surgery. I prefer no surgery, thank you ;) Guess we'll have to see what that ultrasound shows. I've had some pain in the past 6 months and just thought it was heartburn. It would get pretty bad but I never thought much about it till last night.

Anyway, taking it easy today. Answering some email and setting up that appt.


Kelli-Rie said...

Had mine out, very easy surgery and even easier recovery. However, my symptoms didn't change after having it removed. But I was not in that much pain, it just was not functioning properly. Good luck! Sorry that happened to you!!!

Anonymous said...

My daughter just had hers out a few weeks ago, she was pretty much down the week following... she had all these plans of doing craft projects while she was off work for the week, but spent most of her time resting. Her symptoms didn't change after either, but after a couple weeks (Dr told her that was typical AFTER the surgery... should have told her that before, I think!), but she is feeling much better now and doesn't regret going through the surgery!! We had spicy fajitas last night and she was just fine!!!