Saturday, August 8, 2009

Always looking for inspiration...

Another video. Yes, I've been on YouTube too much in the last couple of days :) I was specifically looking for a couple of videos that I really love. I wanted to see them, visually. Not just hear the songs. Natalie Grant is an artist who makes great videos. This one is one of my favorites!

I love the grungy feel of it. The layers of tulle on the dress of the dancer, the mask, the crinkled silk, Natalie's hair is pretty cool too (a little beside the point). The hard edges of the building are great and contrast so beautifully with the fluid movements of the dancer and the softness of her dress even though it's still a bit edgy and imperfect.

Seeing things like this makes me see things for my own art. This week I took on a big job that will take the next 6 months of preparation before it all comes together. It's sink or swim time. The words of the song and the look of this video are huge inspiration for me right now. Both spiritually and artistically. She's another Christian artist. I'm sure by now this does not surprise any of you. My faith defines me and guides my every decision. It is who I am.

The decision to take on this new project is a leap of faith but one I know will be successful because I know who I follow in this life. I know it's something I should do. Sometimes things feel risky when really they are not. I know this is the right thing to do, I just have to commit myself to the process to bring it around and experience the success of it. I look forward to the journey, even the days I know will be hard because, when I look back, those will be the day I pushed and overcame my obstacles. I'll share more of the process as I start designing and working on all the projects that make up the larger project. Today I am officially starting...

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