Sunday, July 5, 2009

What's your brand?

When a girl works as many hours as I do she has to do something to keep the energy up. I don't just mean physical - yeah I try to eat well - I hear Billy laughing already - I do have a love of Coke and jalapeno kettle chips!!, I stay fairly active, I try not to cut into my sleeping hours too much. These things help...

Maybe what I mean is What is your brand of self-motivation? What drives you to keep going when your working on a project? What pulls you through when the week is stretching long? We all have the end goal we work towards. I have a vision of what I'm trying to mold Single Stone into - that's my big goal. Then I have the smaller goals that work towards that. Then sometimes there are personal goals that work themselves into the play of everything. Last week was one of those. I worked nearly 40 hours on a project that was completely personal. And that was on top of my Single Stone hours.

I was very driven by the project but a girl still needs something to keep the momentum moving forward. I don't think I'm alone in using music to keep the energy up. I tend to like songs/artist with a bit of grit and edge. I like some slow stuff too, but for the most part, I like to jam ;) So, this week it was artist Toby Mac. Not uncommon for me to listen to his music. Mackenzie, my daughter, even came down to the studio and said "I can't believe you are STILL listening to that song, mom." LOL

I listened to "Burn For You" a lot, "Lose My Soul" is good too. But this one had just the right vibe this week to keep me focused - the lyrics are cool too. 'Specially that part that says "I gotta hand full of dreams and a heart full of God". Yeah - Explains my drive better than I could have said it myself.

This goes out to anyone listenin'...

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