Monday, July 13, 2009

Single Stone GeoCache!

We're starting something new here at the blog - Geocaching - a fun, new activity people are really getting into lately so I thought we'd have a Geocache adventure, Single Stone Style! No GPS required ;)

We have lots of pre-cut decals that for one reason or another never got shipped. Last minute color change, cut extra as to not waste name it. But now we have a table full of decals taking up space and not living up to their creative potential. Geocaching is how we're gonna clear that table and give these decals a good home!

At random, I will post a decal in our shop, just as a regular listing, but it will be for only $1 + shipping. Yep, $1! There are all kinds of decals from big ones to little ones. All the listings will bear the official Geocache symbol but it will be the 2nd image. So, you must open the listing to find the Geocache image. The only thing different about the listing is that it is only $1 and it will be hidden somewhere in our shop not necessarily in the correct category.

They will be listed one at a time and I will alert of a new Geocache on the blog by posting the image below. You will not know what the Geocache is until you find it in the shop. The 3rd image on the listing will tell you exactly what design and color it is. All Geocaches will be found on Etsy. After the Geocache is found I will update the blog with what the cache was and the lucky person who found it! You can only win one time in 30 days.

Our first cache was just listed - Click the image below to be taken directly to our Etsy shop. GOOD LUCK!

This cache was found by Stephanie and it was a white crystal chandelier! Congrats Steph!!

Keep an eye on the blog for the next Geocache adventure - as proof by tonight - they go FAST!


Jen said...

Love love love this idea!! What a fabulously fun way to clear out your stash!!!

Sydney said...

I'm with Jen, very creative. Hope I'm lucky enough to find one!!