Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Another Steampunk Inspiration

I was working on some custom designs yesterday. Much too large to put in the shop but I pulled this section out of the larger, unfinished design, added some text and thought it was a great addition to the shop.

The text reads Taking Risks, Taking Flight. Here at Single Stone this is what we're all about. Billy and I have kind of coined our own phrase here in the studio - "Throw your stone". We say it often and it has truly become a way of thinking for us.
The name Single Stone comes from the David and Goliath story (1 Samuel 17) in which David, a young boy, faces the giant that even the Israelite army was afraid to face. A boy, too small to fit into the armor they tried to put on him, armed with a sling shot alone and 5 smooth stones he picks up in the river on his way down to the valley to face Goliath, takes the risk. He steps out in his faith, knowing God has called him for such a time as this, and with the first stone flung from his sling shot - kills the giant. It's hits him right between the eyes and Goliath falls to the ground. A single stone.
So now when Billy and I have an idea for the business or life in general we say "throw your stone". It's not said completely light hearted to just willy-nilly try anything in life. It's said with the intent of knowing that one is listening to God and following faith. Yes take risks, but when you go with God you are already victorious in your battle. This is why Single Stone has come so far in the short time we've been around. It's a very exciting way to live life!

The bird on this design doesn't have an eye. He can't see where he will fly, but he will take the risk and he will fly! His faith will be his eyes...

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