Monday, June 8, 2009

Project{Altered Apothecary}

I have a few updates on the apothecary project. The drawers have been covered! YAY! That was a bit time consuming but worth the effort. I love all the colors and mix/matched patterns going on this piece!

After I had all the drawers covered and sealed I moved on to embellishing the piece with decals. This is out Inspire Definition design altered a tad. I removed the definition part of the design and added wings.

On the left side of the chest I added a new graffiti style design. It features some number art, text and a big flourish that I just couldn't resist! This is now available in our shop and is called Create Graffiti.

A 2nd graffiti design is applied to the right side and is also now available in the shop. I called it Journey Graffiti. Again it features number art in the form of a clock and has several other elements that all come together beautifully to create the design.

Last night I picked up the hardware I plan to add to the drawers. I can't wait to finish this piece and use it in my studio. It's pieces like this in your personal spaces that make them special. A real expression of who you are and the styles that you love. I think we should all create the environments we live in and enjoy them daily. I will love having this piece!


tracey shaw said...

Quality, I like this, I saw something like this on - great post thanks. Shaz

Jen said...

Looking fabulous! ;)

Suzanne@Meridian Road said...

This is so cool! I love the mismatched drawers and the graffiti on the sides! You did a great job.

alice said...

It turned out great! A super addition for your office.
smiles, alice