Friday, June 5, 2009

One word -

UNDERESTIMATED! The garden has taken off like CRAZY! The beans, the tomatoes, the peppers - all of it. I just wanted a small garden. It's a strip on the side of the house about 16 feet long by 4 ft deep. I thought it would be plenty of space for my salsa-ingredient-garden when I started but now I'm finding that maybe I underestimated the growth.

The tomato plants are massive and totally taking over! I planted the peppers in front of tomatoes but they are over growing the them. The beans bush out much more than I thought and are growing into the tomato plant closest to them.

I planted beefsteak tomatoes so I can slice them thick and put them on burgers. They'll also be great for salsa, bruschetta and just eating straight from the vine! The "grass" you see in front of the tomatoes and peppers but still inside the raised bed are green onion. I have them too close together and should thin them out a bit.

It all looks a bit jungle-ish but I can't transplant now so we'll just enjoy it the way it is this season. Next year I'll have learned a few more things and will be ready for such crazy growth!

The first peppers are now on the vine. They are still small but definitely peppers! Jalapenos to be exact. You can't make salsa without them!

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