Friday, June 19, 2009

New Mixed Media

Any chance I get to be creative and in the studio, is a chance I take! This is my latest project - a collaberative piece with Jen Swift. She started the canvas with tones of blue with this incredible texture when I got it. I tried to work with the blue but I was in a yellow mood. My initial plan was yellow and orange but I pulled out some green paint and changed my mind on the orange right away.

After dabbing on a few yellow tones I rubbed over it with just a touch of brown ink to really show off the great texture on the canvas. I'm guessing at her method but, I think, she used modeling paste and an art stamp to achieve this look. I love it and it was my inspiration for the rest of the piece.

An old sewing pattern, some great patterned papers, plexi-glass, inks, more papers, metal numbers and I even bent some of my own wire for wings!! I must have been channeling Jen ;)

This is one of those pieces that I can't really tell if it's done or not. Sometimes it's hard to tell but this is where it is for now...


Devara said...

wow excellent pics nice blog and u have good pics and upload much better pics, plz comment on my blog too

Jen said...

Michelangelo said David was in the stone, he merely carved him free (paraphrased). You did the same with this piece. I can't imagine it any other way.Love the yellow, the woman and the wings. Makes me think of Icharus as well. Do you think he used a pattern when he created his wax wings? :)