Sunday, June 14, 2009

New Art

Winged Things is now in the shop~ usually I can resist a new design but this one is different. I think it'll end up in my studio. I love the mix of the 2 "wings" on the sides of the frame, the bird perched over the text. Sometimes you never know when a design will come (like 1 am) or where...

This weekend I was working on a mixed media piece and wanted to include a collage of decals. As I was putting the graphics together I really liked the way the wing fit next to the frame. So I started designing digitally and added the wing to the left side as well. It just felt so contrived I immediately deleted it. I'm not an artist or uses a lot of symmetry - I look for balance in a piece over symmetry. So I found swirls and put them together in a wing like shape. I tried to keep the dimension of the wing on the right and the wing made of swirls about the same. This bring balance to the design. It's a good trick for decorating your home too. Rather than buying 2 vases that are the same and putting them on either side of the fireplace with a large painting in the middle - you can use different pieces just keeping the visual "weight" of them about the same. You'll achieve balance in your setting and it'll be far more interesting than a setting that is contrived and symmetric. At least in my opinion.

The mixed media piece uses several decals, old book and music pages, antique door knob and key hole, vintage signage letters, paint, ink, decoupage medium and other found objects. The text reads - Faith Shall Be My Eyes. It's a softer, "prettier" look than I usually go for in my work but I think I like it. The colors are a bit muted and have less contrast. I really enjoy the composition of this piece as well as the crisp clean decal images against the rough, aged background of the wood. I don't work on canvas often, I prefer to work on wood. This is actually an 18 sq. inch table top, legs removed. It started white and I sanded and rubbed on brown acrylic and ink till it was perfectly imperfect. Here's a side view photo so you can see the depth of the wood piece I used as my canvas. I really like the dimension I get when this is hung on the wall.

I'd love to get feedback on what you all think of the new collage/mixed-media style designs I've been putting in the shop. They are more my style than anything else we have but I'd really love to hear what you think! You can leave me messages here or drop me an email :) Thanks!

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Jen said...

I absolutely love the way you've been developing a new style and letting all of us see as it goes-I really enjoy seeing the process!

Oooh- And I'm really loving the "wings" on this piece.