Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A little journey...

So when Jen sent me this canvas, in a box full of goodies, I had no idea that it would take me on a journey...
When I was working on the piece it was all about the woman. I created her first and she was the starting point. So I surrounded her with some things she loves. Flowers, patterns, words...

The text is one stanza of a poem I found in an old art magazine I have. It was perfect. This must be what's on her mind...

It reads: Unwavering, I carry on hope filled, determined to reach the front of my dreams.

I loved the pieced together woman. Something I can very much identify with. I think we all feel rather pieced together. We want to appear polished and perfect, but really we're all pieces of our experiences and our dreams.

This is what she means to me-

A little of this, a little of that,
leftover from this and found in a stash.
Patterned after His likeness,
each component chosen,
artfully arranged,
purposefully placed.
With wings to fly,
and legs to stumble,
she gets back up,
passionate yet humbled.
Continuing on hope filled
and finding her dreams,
she expected the journey had earned them
but they were given abundant and free.

I loved the woman so much I had to make a digital version. Shrine art is quite popular among mixed media artists. Not something I usually go for but thought I'd try it. So, I pulled together some images and got this...

I didn't like her home - she felt caged and a bit sad. She wanted to be free. So I got this...
The text on this piece reads - "Her song was all she had and it saw her through" it also says in the lower right corner "she dreams".

I love how the swirls vine out beneath her and how she's made from a dress form. She is creating her own world with the song she sings. You can see music notes hidden in the swirls.

I wrote the text on the piece and remembered Psalm 40:3. He put a new song in my mouth to give my praise to God (paraphrased).

This all ties in with this post I wrote a few weeks ago. Our words are actions. As we speak positive things, we begin to do positive things, thus changing the circumstances in which we live.

This little journey meant a lot to me personally. I don't always share what I "get" from my art. And I don't always "get" something. I know many people think it's silly to find the "hidden" meaning of art. I don't think the meanings are hidden, I think they are many. Speaking to each viewer in a personal way.

And I love that both the canvas and the digital piece were collaborative with 2 incredible women that I know.

Jen sent me the canvas and started the project with a great textural foundation.

Stephanie sent to me Ms Margot - the head of the digital pieced together woman.

Jen and Stephanie don't know each other real well. Mostly from a few emails through the Fab 5, maybe a couple of conversations via facebook. The 3 of us have more in common than we may ever know. And I think the 3 of us identify with the "pieced together woman" in very strong ways. We've each been on a very challenging and personal journey the last few years. Amazing how we found each other at this time.

So, this is my journey. Really the journey of my life, but my most recent escapade.

Enjoy your pieced together beauty and sing your song aloud.

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Kelli-Rie said...

I loved this piece. I do not think it's silly, the journey to this piece. I actually prefer pieces that speak to me. Let me tell you, this piece spoke to me. Is it available to buy? Also curious if you do custom designs based on an individuals personal story?