Monday, June 29, 2009

Behind a Custom Project

Not too long ago I posted this custom project. Today I thought I'd let you see some of the "behind the scenes" part of how these projects work.

With this project the customer knew he wanted the Cherry Blossom design but he was not sure what size he needed it to be. I asked him to take some measurements and send a quick sketch or photos of the room so I could size the decal for him in scale with the room.

He sent these sketches to me - nothing high tech. Just a couple of quick sketches with measurements. Photos take and sent to me on his phone. Simple. I just need a basic layout and accurate measurements.

This last photo is a sketch from the architect who was also helping with the decorating. This gave me more of an idea of how they plan to use the decal. Things like this are very helpful for me to visualize the space!

After I received the photos I went to work creating a to-scale mock-up of the room. He also sent links to all the things he bought online so I could see the room decor and help choose colors. Here are the mock-ups I sent back to him.

We were both thrilled with the results. Mr Canaan was so easy to work with and so excited for the project. I really love custom projects like this. Whether we are creating a new design or reworking an existing one, custom projects are so rewarding!

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