Friday, June 26, 2009

Always in search of...

inspiration! I'm always looking through etsy, decorating sites, artists blogs etc etc etc and grabbing photos and putting them in my "creative file" for later inspiration. I look at color, composition, pattern, anything I can pull from it.

Here are a few from my file that I found inspirational recently. Working clockwise - I love this very fancy piece of furniture with it's curved legs, beautiful carvings, even painted gold - someone was going all the way regal with this piece - till they got fed up with it's stuffiness and "perfection" and went all graffiti on it. Love that! I could find a place in my house for this - it's cool.

The collection of 4 paintings - I'm sure they're mixed media - possibly encaustic (wax paintings) or maybe just coated with beeswax. Looks as if there is some kind of finish on them but not exactly sure what. The colors are really pretty and springy. Very fresh. Not something I pull off easily but appreciate in other artists.

The next one is a necklace - a bit retro and love the mix of wood and I think acrylic. I like the added silver bits on this.

Finally a grouping of cage lights - I love the industrial feel of this. It fits my personal style most of any of these pieces. I found this months ago and pull up the image often just to look at it. If it weren't $3000 I would own it :) Maybe that's my next blog project. I'll design it and Billy will help me with the electricity. I'm kinda loving that idea!

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