Saturday, May 2, 2009

Trend Forcasting -

Recently I completed an interview with Victoria Redshaw, founder of Scarlet Opus. They are located in the UK and are "the only Trend Forecasting and Business Development company to specialize in providing trend information for any business involved in Home Products and Services".

Trend forecasting is basically just like a weather forecast. She studies design and color and trends and predicts or forecasts the next hot trend in home decor. It's very exciting that she contacted us out of all the places out there selling decals! It's quite an honor as Victoria is quite accomplished.

I spoke with her many times over a span of about a week and a half and she is fabulous! Smart and talented lady! Her blog is a must read. I might be so impressed because she's awesome with color ;) But I'll let you check out the interview and her blog for yourself.


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Jen said...

Great interview!!!!