Sunday, May 31, 2009


OK, here's a quick pic of SPP hanging in the dining room. The sad looking table will be replaced but isn't real high on the priority list right now. But you can see part of my pottery collection on the shelves and Fly Free on top along with SPP hung to the side. I'm not thrilled with SPP I feel it still needs something but no idea what that something is. None-the-less here's a peek.


I was in a hurry this afternoon and forgot to add the 2nd part to this post. Below is a photo of the Fab 5 member Stephanie Troyer and her latest decal project. Stephanie is quite the designer and very up on the latest trends. Human silhouettes are very in right now and those with a victorian flair tend to be particularly hot.

For this project Stephanie pulled out a cool, old frame from her stash, some old book pages and the silhouette of a lady we've been calling Ms. Margot ;) There's a little metal tag on the frame that says Magnolias Margot. So we've searched for several weeks for just the right Ms. Margot to fill the void. Stephanie found her, I cut her in vinyl and she applied her to this fantastic backdrop of vintage book pages decoupaged on the backing of the frame. I absolutely LOVE the way it came out as well as the distinctly different style she got using the same technique that I used on the SteamPunk Project. Another great example of how the same materials and techniques can have so many different lives in the design world.

Much thanks to Stephanie for creating this great piece! It turned out really fantastic.

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