Saturday, May 9, 2009

Project: Fly Free 2009

Here's an update on the mixed media piece I've been playing with. I'm having a lot of fun creating something with my hands and not digital. So nice having my supplies organized and available! I can't even explain how nice.

So, like I showed in the last picture of the previous post I immediately pulled out the birdcage and the word free. 2 pieces I requested from Jen. I knew I wanted to alter these pieces before adding them to my project. I wanted the birdcage to be rounded for dimension and I wanted to add some fabric scraps as a little nest for my birdie.

You can see here that I bent the cage quite a bit. I love all the curly work of the wire at the bottom.

Next I tied on some fabric scraps for my birdie to nest on. She's a happy girl so it's quite colorful! Many of the fabrics I pulled from the stash Jen sent. Lots of fun colors and patterns in there. I added a wire wrapped bead I had left over from my jewelry making days. See the orange polka dot fabric and the brown strip with the little yellow flowers - those are my faves!

After I had the main pieces started and placed in the overall layout of the project I start layering it on. It's still a work in progress but so far it has the wire birdcage and word free, paper clock faces and metal sprockets and gears, a big chunky cross from an old necklace (that I never wore) with grungeboard wings, a big eyelet with the word dream, chipboard, old sheet music, some paints on the background layer (which is made of heavy watercolor paper - I buy it in large sheets like poster board). There is also a decal of a teal bird flying through the whole collage as well as more of those paper sculpted butterflies from our Butterfly Garden stamp set.

Here's a look at the overall project thus far, as well as, a close up of the collage of paper clocks and birds etc in the background. Still have lots of small embellishments to add to these pieces - like rhinestones tot he butterflies, possibly a crown to the bird. I really like mixed media pieces to have lots and lots of layers. I also really like the dimension so it's a bit of an assemblage piece as well. I think it should have so much to look a that it invites you in to take a closer look to see all the hidden treasures and details.

It's all going to be framed in this detailed, antique gold frame. I removed the glass obviously. At first the plan was to paint the frame the same sea glass color I used on the hutch in the studio but now as I see the project coming together I think I'm leaving it just as it is. I really like the warm colors tones I'm getting.

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Jen said...

You're adding and subtracting elements as you go and it is so fun to watch your progress! Thanks for sharing this WIP!!!