Monday, May 11, 2009


Last night Billy and I had the task of systematically cutting decals for a large job we have. It's 30 large pieces that all fit together like a puzzle to create a wall of text. So, during the times I was waiting for the cutter to finish I was also working on Fly Free. I am a person who gets serious tunnel vision - once I start a piece like this I have a hard time leaving it sit during the time I have to function in normal life activities. I found myself walking downstairs all weekend just to look at the project and walk away figuring out what it needed.

I knew it needed something more dramatic and eye catching. I was pleased with the warm color tones I was getting but it was still a bit bright for the feel I really wanted. I decided to add the large swirl you see. It started bare. It's a piece of grungeboard which is a synthetic chipboard. It takes ink beautifully so I pulled out all my favorite colors - warm shades of pumpkin, ochre, browns and red. I applied the inks with sponges. I used the same technique on the chipboard circle at the top left corner of the piece. Only the inks were applied after I applied a piece of patterned paper, rubbed with some acrylic paint (dried) then I ran it through my Cuttlebug in an embossing plate to create a pattern/texture. By rubbing the ink on the high spots the embossed pattern is revealed.

After I added the swirl I started rearranging the elements. I took away a few item, added some new ones and just changed it around. This is still not the final version but it's getting close.

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Jen said...

Obsession is just the result of high levels of motivation. Love the way the piece is evolving!