Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Hit or Miss

Sometimes when I am asked to do a custom design and I don't feel great about the way it turns out but usually my customer loves it. Possibly a difference in style? Or maybe that I don't always have pics of the rooms so I can't visualize the decal in the space.

Other times I get really excited about the way a piece turns out and I simply don't hear back. I guess they're just too nice to tell me that what I designed is not at all what they had in mind. LOL This is one of those designs. It's been 2 or 3 months since I designed this piece and I keep opening the file to see it. I love all the elements together. The company asked me to use the words So Fresh in this font and then to create a design around it - the product they create is urban in style. Probably not my forte but I still really enjoy this piece - especially the bottom right corner with the wing and swirls. I just like it. There is a possibility of seeing some of these pieces in my studio. (like that wing - yeah, I really like that wing)


Jen said...

LOVE THE WING!! Thanks for sharing this piece I really love how all the elements come together so beautifully. Reminds me of a art deco work. :)

Sarah C. said...

That is an awesome design! And what timing for this post. I just received my order on Friday and haven't left Etsy feedback yet as all I had time to do until tonight was open the box. I was thinking I should let you know they did arrive safely. DH & I put up the giraffe tonight in the nursery (it is gorgeous!) - still need to add the turtle & grass. Then put the jungle quote over the crib. I'll send photos and post some on my blog once it's complete. Just the giraffe alone has me excited already. I'm sure the entire finished product will be wonderful!