Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Front Page

We made the Etsy FP last night! YAY! This time it was cool because Jen from Bird From a Wire was also on there. It was quite fun seeing both of our work chosen last night. As you can see it's a handpicked front page full of birds. I told you they were hot! :) Fly, fly free little birdies!


Sarah C. said...

What a fun selection. Congrats! :)

J. said...

I found your store (and your blog) via this Etsy front page yesterday! What fabulous work you do!!! :o)

I really wish that you had your shop set up with categories, though. Twelve pages is too many for me to sort through (my computer time is so limited) and categories of graphics on the side bar would be so very helpful.

I am a professional interior designer and am helping a *family member* find some things to do their new home -- your decals are just the ticket for a wife who wants wallpaper and a husband who does NOT!