Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Fly Free Update

Morning All - This is a quick post as I have to be out the door in a few minutes. I promise I'll have something else to post soon. :)

In the meantime I put a little more time in my Fly Free project. I am LOVING the wire birdcage from Jen. I love the shape. I love the curly parts of the wire and I love how easy it is to embellish. I can see more wire projects in my future! Especially since I received a box full of them to play with! ;)
So here's another update on this piece. The colors are bolder. There are a few more things added. Mostly smaller pieces now that accent the larger pieces. I really like how the birdcage it turning out. I like the addition of the fabric wrap and I especially like the tiny little leaves I added that are made of a ripped books page and the back of an old notebook. I NEVER throw away the backs of old notebooks. I rip it off and put it in my stash. I use them plain, I cover them with paper - they are great! When I needed leaves yesterday I went right to my stash and pulled out a small piece, decoupaged on an old dictionary page and cut out leaf shapes after it dried.

I also like the journey clock. The addition of the green is nice and that part of the project has been blank for some time. I like this addition to the overall look. Below, are a few close up shots - you can tell not all of the pieces are permanently attached yet. Most everything on the project are still loose so I can play around a bit. Attaching all the pieces is the last thing I do.

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