Monday, May 18, 2009

Customer Photos!

I just received a few fun photos from some of you.

In this first photo I LOVE how bold they went with the paint color. A nursery does not have to be done all in pastels! The brown paint is awesome and balanced nicely by keeping the trim, furniture and other accents light. The brown anchors the room, gives it warmth and coziness.

In the 3rd photo our Birch Trees In Winter are done in fuschia! I LOVE IT!! The trees in this color is unexpected and fantastic! I love the pop it gives this room that is basically done in shades of white. Yep. I like this a lot. Also notice how they applied the trees right over the baseboard all the way down to the floor. The vinyl is very flexible and follows curves like this beautifully! Very well done.

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Sarah C. said...

Glad you saw the photo of the growth chart! I'm absolutely loving it. :) Still need to put up the Jungle quote but I'm waiting on our mobile so I can balance the placement of the two over the crib.