Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Custom WIP

Sometimes I get requests to use some of the images in my shop for purposes other than decals. I've done quite a few business card designs, created logos, web graphics etc. For some reason I never think to share them here. Today, I thought I would.

This is a decal design, In the Tree Tops, that I was asked to use as a logo. I added extra details and it is now the logo for a tutoring company in North Carolina. I think it's totally cute! I love this design and they way you can use so many colors with it. Definitely catches your eye. For the logo I added grass so we had a good place for the tag line, planting a firm foundation. Now all that's left is to send the biz cards to the press.
I have an excellent source for business cards. I searched for nearly a yr and found a local place around Christmas time that I absolutely LOVE! They have the best cards I've EVER used. They use 15 pt paper and round the edges. You can also get them in glossy or matte finish and the finishes are fantastic. I am so pleased with mine that I offer them to my customers. It's not something I've really advertised - just something that comes up every now and again.
Here's a proof of the cards. Again, I love all the colors and the playful, retro vibe they have. :)


Jen said...

So Cute!!!

Stroyer said...

Yea...I really like these! They turned out great!