Thursday, May 28, 2009


Hey Everyone - We've been blogged again. This time by ChirpStudio! Mika, the blog author, posted a photo of our Birch Trees in Winter that she applied in her little girl's room. They are the fuschia ones I showed you all last week. She has a great pic that shows the awesome fabric she chose for the curtains which is where she pulled the fuschia color from. Head on over and check it out!

I'm off to a breakfast meeting this morning and will get back and answer all those emails I'm getting. It's been quite busy lately!

But before I go here's a quick update on SPP (Steam Punk Project). I posted pics of the board after I painted it and I think it showed some of the papers I pulled out to use. Well, as of last night, this is where the project stands. There papers and decal have been permanently applied and there's a little collection of found objects in the bottom right corner with a transparency floating above them. It gives the appearance of them being in a glass case. I love the dimension and the transparency. Let me know what you think!


Studio 76 said...

Oops you did it again... ; ) Looks fabulous...if I do say so myself...I love all of it...and great touch with the bottom "glassed in" look...totally would be cool if there was a company you could send this to who could produce it in bulk and then you could sell these pictures in stores...I think they would be really hot!!

chirp said...

Thanks for the mention Shelley! I'm liking the steampunk project too... my mind so does NOT work that way, I could never come up with that beautiful collage! Keep up the great work!