Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Bird Watching

It's no secret that birds are a HUGE trend in home decor and fashion right now. This morning I gathered a bunch of bird images to show just how vast one idea can be in the design world.

A bird can be translated differently by the hands of every artist and designer that touches it. This is just a taste of what Etsy has to offer.
First off is home decor and art - You can find all kinds of awesome bird art for your home. Watercolor, decals, mixed media, Steampunk (that's the black bird sculpture - it's my fave!! I absolutely LOVE IT!) pillows and so much more. I chose a few that I really liked in the photo collage below. They also range from very realistic, to sweet, to surreal. From detailed to silhouettes.
You can also find just as big a range of birds in fashion. From the apron made with Joel Dewberry fabric to screenprinted T's, eco-friendly grocery sacks, baby booties and that really cool necklace that might end up in my shopping cart ;)

Recently I shared my Fly Free project in progress. Well, I finally finished it! Flight has kind of become a part of my everyday thought process this year. Kind of like a theme that I have going on. So this piece represents things in my life at the time that I created it. Fly Free wouldn't be complete with out a bird.

A simple bird picked up in the floral department at Michaels turns into the centerpiece of a mixed media project.

She transformed from a light green to a warm sienna and finds the perfect rhinestone crown.

She perches on a lovely handmade wire home adorned with flowers and beads.

She holds the key to the door so that she may always Fly Free!

EDITED TO ADD: I made the birdcage necklace MINE this afternoon! You should check out Kristin's other designs at http://www.peaches4me.etsy.com/! I can't wait to get it - not only does it have a birdie but it's red and teal. Be still my heart ;)

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