Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Work In Progress...

How often do I say that? I aways have some kind of project going on! Right now I have a bunch of them - another room in the basement is ready for paint, carpet and furniture. I spent all day Sunday landscaping the yard as we ripped out everything last fall when we moved in. Plenty of Single Stone custom projects and filling orders. But today I have pics of a yet another project.

For the last 2 weeks my brother has been helping me refinish my kitchen cabinets. This is a project I started MONTHS ago. Just a couple of doors to test the product but I could never find the time to really get the project underway and completed. It's still not complete but should be in a couple of days!! YAY!

The cabinets are builders standard, flat paneled oak. Really not my taste. I find the oak way to yellow and I don't care for the striping of all that wood grain. So my solution was to sand them down (just a bit) apply a gel stain in mahogany and in a couple of weeks I'll seal them with a satin clear coat.

We started applying the gel stain full strength but this stuff is THICK! Great for vertical surfaces like cabinets but hard to work with. So we started thinning it down with some mineral spirits to make it more of the consistency of paint. This was my brother's idea and it worked really great! He's also done most of the work - I've just pitched in when I can. I love projects like this though - it's so fun to get your hands dirty!

Here are a few pics of the progress. The cabinets are the first step in the kitchen makeover. The floor will be done in a slate like ceramic tile and the stove and fridge will be replaced with stainless to match the dishwasher.
The first pic are the cabinets before - very yellow. By the way - the sienna wall color will likely change too. I think I'll go with the golden tan color of the rest of the main living area and large scale sienna decals. Any suggestions on design?

This is the state of my kitchen for the last 2 weeks. It'll be SO nice to get it back together again!

And finally we have a small section put together and one door left without any stain. It's taken 3 coats of stain and each coat has to dry about 24 hours in between. With the rain we've had the process has been a bit longer. Worth the results though. I love the new color!! Also, hardware was changed out. THe original hardware was an antique gold floral pattern - YUCK! The new stuff is brushed nickel, clean lines and beefy. I just took a quick pic and added it to the bottom of the post. It's taken on the tile I plan to use for the floor.


Anonymous said...

Very nice - I love the updated look. And I completely agree with your opinion on the oak. I. Do not like oak. At all. But the stain color totally makes it!!

Studio 76 said...

What a grand transformation this will be!...and the choice of slate and hardware will tie it all in quite nicely...well done! I'll be excited to see the finished product...

Abby said...

I stained all of our kitchen/bathroom cabinets Bombay Mahogany using Mixwax Polyshades. It took awhile to get the hang of it, but the great thing about it is that it has the polyurethane built in--no adding a clear coat later!

The DIY Show Off said...

Gorgeous! I'm inspired...maybe, just maybe I can tackle restaining mine, right? Now just to find the time.

Thanks for sharing!!!