Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Things I think about...

Words. I like words. I like to decorate with them. I like to read them. I like to know their meanings. I've done some studies on words and also speech. I like to learn and am always researching something I find interesting.

2 of my favorite words are potential and opportunity. Both of them are very powerful, in my opinion. And have been on my mind lately.

po⋅ten⋅tial - pronunciation [puh-ten-shuhl]
1. possible, as opposed to actual
2. capable of being or becoming (I like this one!)

I believe we all have God-given potential. I believe with working towards that potential we will find opportunity.

I also believe in positive speech. The words we say should be positive and said with the true intent of being helpful, encouraging, fun, loving....positive. I think the words we speak to each other and OURSELVES are very important. They are either positive or negative. I don't think there is gray area when it comes to this idea. I'm not really a gray area kind of person. I have strong convictions and am decisive. I like things to make sense - if not in my mind then in my heart.

I believe in gut instincts. I started Single Stone on a gut instinct (AKA faith). I had no logical reason to start a business. The money I invested came from credit. I had no contract or contacts. I knew I had potential. And I knew by pursuing and working hard to reach my potential I would find my opportunity.

Opportunity is a quirky thing. Sometimes it feels as though it's not there at all. Some of us wait on it as if we have no control over it. Yes, opportunity is often offered by someone or a situation but I don't believe that we don't have any control over it. I don't believe it to be random. By working towards our potential, whatever it may be, we position ourselves to run into opportunity. We start walking it's path. It may feel random when it happens but all along we've been working towards it. When you believe in your own potential. Take the steps to work towards it. Opportunity knocks because it needs what you have. An opportunity needs to be fulfilled, if it doesn't find you working towards your own potential it will find someone else.

There is such a thing as missed opportunity. I'm sure we all have many of them in our lives. Some we don't even know we missed. Some we were too scared to pursue. Some we just didn't get and they went to someone else. We tried. We wanted it. We approached it with faith. We worked our hardest towards it yet it still went to someone else. I'm not so sure these are "missed" opportunities as much as they simply weren't OUR opportunity. When this happens be happy for the person whose opportunity it was as you will want someone to be happy for you when your opportunity comes.

When it does come - will you know it? Will you take it? Will you take it if you believe you are better than it? Even more so, will you take it if you feel it's bigger than you? Do you have what it takes to walk into an opportunity so big that you are not enough. Your skill is not enough. Your experience, not enough. Would you walk into an opportunity for the chance to realize potential you never knew you had? Potential doesn't run out it just needs you to give it the opportunity to grow.

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