Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Start of a project...

I've been working like crazy lately so, tonight I decided I'd get down in the studio and make a little something. The studio is not done. Still lots of things laying around, sorted but don't have a home yet. But I just had the itch to make something. I also wanted to use the stamps again :)

I found this little tray type thing hanging out in my studio. Rather bland, don't you think? So I sanded it down and brushed on a coat of gesso.

While the gesso was drying I pulled out a bunch of supplies that fit the vision I had for the little wood tray. As I pulled out the supplies to work with I started thinking the tray is the perfect size to hold napkins. So, that's the plan! And these pics show the progress.

I'm letting the brown paint dry overnight...

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