Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Fab 5 Reveal!

Today is the day! I am so excited to introduce you to Brenda, Stephanie, Jen, and Nani. None of them are strangers to the blog. Brenda is my mother and runs WordDesigns. Stephanie is an interior designer I've worked with. You know Jen from Attitude of Gratitude week and she owns Bird From a Wire and Nani is an aspiring interior designer who has decorated her own home with our decals and I've posted the photos on the blog.

Below is a quick bio and photo of everyone. As we post projects you'll get to know each of us a bit more.

Without further delay.... I present to you The Fab 5!
I’m Shelley - the creative gal behind Single Stone. I love graphics, color and any craft medium I can get my hands on! One of my biggest ambitions in life is to develop products and tools that inspire people to find and express their own personal style -in their homes, on a canvas, a scrapbook, a handmade gift. We are all creative beings limited only by our imaginations.

With a background in interior decorating Stephanie fuels her cravings for decor by scouring garage sales,flea markets and thrift shops. “I love finding inexpensive wooden furniture pieces to paint and give my extra-special touch ...people are always surprised when I tell them where I bought a certain piece!" Stephanie is especially drawn to vintage numbers and letters, large clocks, wooden bird cages silhouettes and old luggage. She is happily married and has two adventurous boys.

Engineer by day, craft queen and interior designer wannabe at night. I was born in Italy, grew up in Venezuela and moved to the States to pursue my masters.In the process, I met my two loves: Brent, aka the hubs,and Pumba, my dog-child, so I decided to make home here.
I love a good sale, free shipping, recycling, ebay and etsy, a funny book, a beautiful vintage blouse,a brand new box of color pencils (they smell awesome, don't they?), milk chocolate, a glass of wine, carbs and all things pretty and unique. I am imperfect, stubborn, creative, sweet and outspoken. I believe in sustainability, green, love and trust.

I’m Brenda, a true crafter at heart! Having been an accomplished seamstress I have now changed my focus to paper crafts. I’ve always had a love of paper and all the possibilities that can be created with such a simple,everyday product. From making hats as a child to creating one-of-a-kind cards, scrapbooks and gifts. Just give me some paper, scissors, glue and stamps and I’ll have fun all day creating whatever comes to mind. I am a wife, mother and grandmother that loves creating gifts for others. Special surprises they will cherish!

Jen Swift is a mixed media artist who spends her days building zoos in her living room and castles out of packing boxes with her 4-year-old son. She writes while watching cartoons and sketches while cooking. Her son will never hear her say “don’t get messy” and is completely unappreciative of the savannah with herds of African animals she’s painted on the walls of his big boy room. She loves her weekends, when thanks to her husband, she gets to stamp, paint, sew, and sculpt to her hearts content. Life’s goals? She’d like to teach the world to sing and give everyone a coke.

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amybyrd said...

very cool--I can't wait to see what you all come up with! Nani and I are blogging friends!(She just got some brownies from me as part of my pay it forward post!)