Thursday, March 5, 2009

Taking a Poll

Ok, I have put so many hours into figuring out my studio. Finding the right pieces that offer the storage I need and the style I want and the budget Billy put me on. LOL Darn those budgets!

Anyway, I am going with a couple of white desks - they'll go end to end on one wall - one will stay set up as a tool area and the other my desk for computer work. I bought a bunch of modular storage cubes, also in white that will take up another wall. Then 2 black dressers that will go back to back to create a large island workspace and lots of storage. Then I have a few fun accessories I bought. The chair is IKEA as well as the desks and dressers. The 3 tins with the awesome fabric I bought on Etsy last night at BrodyandMa. I can't wait to get them! She's a SAHM and having been a SAHM since having kids I love supporting shops like hers. Click the link and check it out. She has more awesome stuff besides the tins! (SAHM = Stay At Home Mom)

Below are images of all the pieces. My question to you - What color do I paint the walls?! Olive? Aqua? Buttery Yellow? Light Blue? Tell me your choice on the poll on the right side of the blog. The poll closes Monday and I'll reveal the winning color. :)

1 comment:

connie said...

ooohhh. I vote the olive...I love those natural colors. But I think the both the aqua and yellow would work great in a basement area to keep it bright.