Saturday, March 14, 2009

Studio Updates:

11:48 am Saturday, March 14 - I am nearly done with the priming today! Just have a small wall and the corners to brush over. Then I'll be moving onto painting the ceiling (clean, fresh white - trim will match). Can't wait to get to the COLOR! Will be back with more updates soon. I know you're all dying to hear about my day of painting. LOL

2:42 pm - The floors have been scraped, shop vac'd and mopped - not more drywall dust. The ceiling is white and the walls are cream. I have one wall that is orange and another wall waiting for orange. I'm a little scared of it. LOL It's a bit brighter than I imagined but I painted the whole wall and am letting dry so I can really see it. Letting this coat dry and going back for a 2nd coat after I have some lunch...

7:00 pm - Feeling good about the orange. Went back to Lowes and got a deeper cream - that made the orange look much warmer. Very happy with the paint colors. Working on a cool decal idea I'm really excited about!! Ok back to work. Need one more coat of paint and I can hang up the rollers for the night and start fresh in the morning.

8:12 pm - Paint is cleaned up. Need to sweep and seal the floor. Then a long, hot BATH!

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