Monday, March 16, 2009

Studio Updates 2:

Well, it was a long weekend of hard work. There is a little touch up painting to do and some more molding to install and then cover the nail holes. The flooring is down. But for the most part the room is done! YAY!

The orange wall did turn out a bit brighter than I planned but I'm keeping it. By the time I have all the furniture in and the decals applied it's a nice accent. Below is a to-scale mock up of what I have in mind. Got a couple of funky things going on with the wall - it is a basement so there an odd window and a boxed in area with some duct work in it. I decided against the heavy cream colored paint I originally posted about. Instead we took a swatch of our beige vinyl to Lowes and had it color matched. It's perfect! Just what I had in mind.

This mock-up is very similar to what you receive from me when I do custom projects. You send me measurements and photos and I come up with a design. We go back and forth tweaking the design and arrive at something really fun that you'll enjoy having in your home!

I'm pretty psyched about having the studio! I've always been a crafter but have never had a room to create in. In our old house I converted a closet into a desk area and worked in there. When I was done I'd tuck my stool under the desk and pull the curtain closed. It was small but it was mine and I loved it. Billy said he's afraid that once I get in my studio I'll never come out. LOL We'll see. He could probably lure me out by making me dinner ;)

So, here's the mock-up of what I have in mind. The black outline around the logo is the size is a piece of glass I plan to mount the logo on. There won't really be a black outline on the wall.

Enjoy your day everyone,


Coco said...

That color combo rawks!

I totally love the birds and trees!

I have a picture of an uncredible island I saw for sale yesterday - took a picture w/ my phone and need to send it to you through email if you are still getting additional furniture for the studio - are you?

Congrats on things - God is soooo good!!!

PS- I saw you are selling the growth chart I had you make for Kyah! I am honored! Would you like a picture of hers and the way they have mounted it? It is V. cool and Kyah wanted to be measured on a daily basis - too funny!

Crystal Barnett said...

I love that look...I want it for my sons nursery!

I just ordered the birds on branch Friday and got it in the mail today! I wasn't expecting it so quickly...what a wonderful surprise! I'm going to send you a picture of my sons nursery once it is complete. I love your products and can't wait to order more. Thanks again for your fast response!

Jen said...

Totally LOVE the birds in tree branches!!!! Beautiful and how fun to be surrounded by that!!