Monday, March 23, 2009

From Blah to Beautiful Blue

This weekend didn't hold as much progress as I thought it would but I am happy with the progress I made! First, getting all the storage cubes in place and then painting my blah brown hutch with a beautiful blue paint. I love the results!

The before pic was an afterthought but you can see the color - just plain stained wood. Nothing special. In comparison you can see the bright pop of color with the light blue paint! I'm loving the white bowls on there. Those and the things on top will stay. The other 2 shelves - I don't know yet.
Since the hutch has small drawers at the bottom I wanted to lift it up off the ground to make them more convenient to use. The original plan was to put the hutch on my desk but this thing is pretty darn big (56" wide) so I decided to use it like this instead. My solution to lifting it up is to use those put-together-yourself shelves that are normally used vertically (and only $22 each). I flipped them on their sides and will put baskets in the cubbies to hold fabric. The after pic was taken with me standing in the door entering the studio.
The next pic shows the corner and the progress of the weekend. Storage on both sides! The hutch is the first thing you see when you walk in the door.

A little at a time but I am getting there!

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Coco said...

Great. Just great, Shell.

Now I want to move into your studio.

soooooo kick butt!

It has been such a blessing watching the journey your and Billy are on as it gains shape... and color!

God it so good!