Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Art Inspiration

I am a big fan of altered art. Taking a piece, whether it's furniture, an old book, suitcase or in this case a fake bird usually used to accent a floral arrangement, and making it into something really cool. The artist is Tim Holtz. He does so many cool projects but this one particularly caught my eye! In my stash of art supplies, I now have a little birdie waiting for his/her makeover. Not sure what I'll do with it yet but I picked one up and keep mulling over ideas in my mind. I forget where I found this pic but again, the artist is Tim Holtz and most of the pieces used to alter the birds are his as well. He's quite a genius when it comes to craft product development!
Don't you just LOVE these?! Very cool!

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Jen said...

I DO love these! So glad you spotted them and are sharing them!