Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Studio Space Research

The drywall in my studio is started! Soon I will be moving in but before I do that I have LOTS of decisions to make. The biggest hurdle is finding large work surfaces at a reasonable cost. Artist furniture is outrageously priced so I will be coming up with alternatives that are much more affordable.

The key to a good workspace - convenience. It should be easy to use and easy to be in. Organization is a big part of that! So I've been researching craft rooms and studios to see what other artists have used in their spaces. Below are a few images I have saved - there is something about each image that I like and would consider using in my own studio. Whether it's a fun color, great storage or a large work surface - something about each of these photos triggered an idea for me. Now to put all those ideas together in one happy space where I'll create my masterpieces! :)


Nani said...

I LOVE the tiffany blue and red combo!!!

Formica has gotten a lot better lately, maybe that could work as a work surface :)

Single Stone Studios said...

Yes, everything looks good in tiffany blue ;) I love it with red too. I'm REALLY struggling with colors. I'm thinking of black and white for the the 'foundation' and then adding pops of color around. I really love orange. I need to be able to change the colors in the space easily - I like to changes things up!