Monday, February 9, 2009

From the archives...

So, I've been kind of reflecting on my art lately. Where I started, where I am, where I'm going. I don't think I've ever shown any of my "before Single Stone" creations on the blog so I thought I'd share one today.

I love to paint - it's not my strong suit but I do love to paint. I usually paint with ink - I like the way it bleeds on the paper when you mix it with water. The project below features an art stamp, watercoloring with inks, and I also made the soap. I {heart} making soap - it's really fun! I still have boxes of essential oils hanging out just waiting to come out and play again. The soap in the photo is a sweet cranberry scent with dried cranberry seeds suspended throughout a goatsmilk and glycerin soap base. It was a gift - hence the handmade tag.

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