Thursday, February 5, 2009

2 More New Releases

A while back I did a custom job for an interior designer who wanted some number art. I worked up a personalized piece for her and it was pretty cool! She suggested I find a way to put more number art in the shop so that is where this piece came from. It's called Count With Me and I think it would be great in a child's room or any room! I think this one is fun but not too child-like.
This next piece is a personal favorite of mine. I like the quote "The Journey Awakens the Soul". The grungy/vintage style fonts and flourishes represents what this quote is all about. The style of this piece hits just the right spot for me. I really like how it came out and will be finding a place for this in my house!

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CrazySexyCool said...

I love the numbers 1-9 idea.