Thursday, January 8, 2009

YUMMY Recipe!

We went to Christmas dinner at Billy's brother's house. His wife, Monica, is an amazing cook and has a great recipe for anything you want to make. One of the sides she served at Christmas dinner was brussel sprouts. YUM! So, a few days ago while grocery shopping I bought a little bag of them and I cooked them tonight. YUM AGAIN!!! They are SO good and they are NOT smothered in cheese. I like to actually taste the brussel sprout and it's less fattening than the cheese option :)

What you'll need:
Chicken Stock -or make some with water and bouillon
Butter - I like the real thing
Brussel Sprouts - of course

I trim off the little end of the sprout then cut them in half (I quarter the larger ones). Put them all in a pan and cover with chicken stock and a few pats of butter. Also, I don't measure when I cook just do the butter to taste. :) The stock needs to just cover the veggies. Then I add thyme and oregano, again, to taste. You can use dried instead of fresh - I never have fresh thyme and oregano on hand. Let them simmer for about 45 mins to an hour. You want them tender but not mush. Then ENJOY! They are SO tasty!

We're having ours tonight with manicotti and garlic bread. We love manicotti! I use thyme and oregano in the cheese mix that you stuff the manicotti with so all the flavors blend together when you eat them! I'm starving and the manicotti only needs a few more mins to brown on top so I'm off to set the table!
Enjoy your evening!

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