Wednesday, January 28, 2009

{WordDesigns Wednesday}

Starting something new here on the SSS Blog. I'm giving Wednesdays to WordDesigns. Brenda, aka Mom, will start writing blog posts. Maybe not every week but at least a couple a month.

I haven't really said much about WordDesigns so here's the scoop -
Brenda is my mother and long-time crafting buddy. We've done so many things together - soapmaking, scrapbooking, jewelry, we even made a one-of-a-kind wardrobe for my Barbies :) She keeps all the orders organized, emails answered and helps with production.

Scott is my brother and helps me design as well as being the main production guy. He researched many clear coat products, found just the right one and came up with a special application technique that gives our pendants the perfect domed, glass-like coating. No dip in the middle and the coating is hard - not rubbery! Scott also makes hand made fishing lures - from carving the block of wood to the perfect airbrushed finish!

Last week Mom finally made herself a new pendant in the fabulously-hot color combo of ochre and grey and it turned out awesome! So we've decided to put it in the shop. I thought I'd make it in pink and green too.

Click the photos to view them in the shop!

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