Thursday, January 15, 2009

Warm Orange on a Frigid Day

Oh my goodness it's COLD in Cincinnati! 11* and dropping. We're dipping below 0 tonight. WHY do I live here?! I'm moving to San Diego where it's 75 and sunny year round. Those people have it made! :)

So, to warm it up around here I made a collage of some cool photos using a beautiful warm orange color. I love orange (I know, I love any color). I love the way the warm orange plays with the cool blues in these photos. Especially in the chairs - how cool is that photo?! It's my fave of this collection.

Enjoy and stay warm!


Amy said...

I'm sorry that it is so cold. 11 degrees is WAY too chilly. It is funny that you mention San Diego weather. I live in San Diego and we are in the middle of a heat wave right now. It is supposed to be 76 degrees today and a clear sunny sky! Maybe this means that you need a vacation?

coco said...


Where did you find that picture of the arange chair? Please send me a link!


Coco said...


I must know where you got the orange chair in the teal laudramat picture! Can you send it to me?