Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sweet Nursery!

I LOVE designing nurseries - this was not a custom project but I still love getting photo like this back! How cute is this room?! The rug is great. The mix match of patterns and textures in this room is a great way to generate interest while keeping the color combo tight with just the pink and green.

I love the quilted diaper stacker, the velvet touch at the top of the curtains and the rug - did I mention the rug? Those pieces are perfectly balanced in the room. I also love the bright pop of color the decal adds - the bright lime and fuschia are also on the shelf in the form of a little stuffed animal.

Color matching is not about having exact same shade from one piece to another. GOOD color matching is about having a range of shades in the same ballpark to create interest for your eye. This room is a great demonstration of that.

So sweet!


Awesome Sara said...

This room makes me feel calm. Great job! Kisses!

KarenLeslie said...

Oh, thank you so much for your kind comments on my nursery :) I wanted to make it "girly" without being specifically themed. :) Your bird on a branch was the perfect touch! This room is very calming ... Baby will be here soon, but for now I just love sitting in there.