Friday, January 16, 2009

Graphics for a friend

One of my Etsy friends, Jen, who owns Bird From a Wire needed some graphics for her blog and shop so I worked up a little something for her. She's the sweetest and has LOTS of projects happening so check out her awesome new blog and show her some support! I can't wait till she can tell about some of the things she has going on! You won't want to miss those announcements :)

I just did these for her so she may not have them in her shop and blog yet. She's a busy girl being mommy to her 4 yr old little man.
Enjoy your day everyone!


Awesome Sara said...

Hi! Your blog is really amazing, I love your post on the color white! Keep up the awesome-ness! Sara

Linda said...

Hi, I'm Jenn's mom and she has been telling me I'd love your stuff but I just never seem to get time to just browse. I checked out her blog today though and LOVE the header you made her. And then it was so easy to clik onto your site. I assume that I'd need a flat surface for your work?