Thursday, January 29, 2009

Feelin' Blue...

If you were to ask me what my least favorite color is, I would tell you it's blue. No hesitation, blue. However lately, I've started seeing it in a new way. It's really a very versatile color, hence blue jeans, they go with everything. So does the color blue - it's a neutral.

Today, I've pulled together a few photos that show quite a range of blues - from the baby blue bug (that would be fun to fun errands in) to the gorgeous, brilliant blue feathers on the birds. My favorite is the weathered wood (top right). I love warm weathered materials. I love the depth and variations of color.

Something I want you to notice about the table and chairs - I said this about the nursery last week and I'm saying it again - color matching. It is not an exact science! It is about coordination. I love the way the blue chairs (with a hint of green) play with the royal blue checks in the table cloth. They are not the same exact color of blue - they are in the same ball park. If they were an exact match the whole image would fall flat and leave no interest to your eye. This is the same way you should decorate in your home. Pull together all of your accessories and choose a range of the same color. You'll instantly have depth and interest in your room.

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