Monday, January 19, 2009

Custom Project Photos

Good Morning everyone -

I've been getting lots of photos back lately! Yay for me :) These photos are 3 custom jobs I created. They are all for Gerica, an interior designer I have been working with. She has really fun ideas - my fave so far is the crossword. This was done for a play room. I think it turned out so great. Love the way the paint and the decal work together to create a real focal point in the room. And it's so affordable!

Next we personalized bathroom stools for 2 little girls, Mimi and Coco. How sweet!

Finally (but actually the first job we ever worked on together) is a laundry room. Wash, dry, fold, repeat. I made this one available in our shop!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The scrabble decal - soooo clever!

I smell a store best seller - custom scrabbles!

BTW- Check your email!