Monday, December 29, 2008

My New Favorite Photo!

I LOVE THIS! (and totally think this duo needs to add more cool stuff to their site!)

It's not often you find the perfect balance of talents in a photographer - it seems they are either creative with the composition and perspective but leave a lot to be desired in the way of lighting (have you seen MY pics:))- or they are so technically perfect with the exposure/lighting etc that the shot is boring . Well, this is the perfect combination of knowing your equipment and having great style!

Did I say I LOVE THIS?! 'Cause I do! You can find this and other great prints from photographers Daniel and Liz at BNA Photography. Click the photo to visit their Flickr page.

Daniel's main gig is web design. Who doesn't need better optimization for their site?! Check him out - he can do anything you need!

Also, I added links to both of these sites to the blog so you can find them again in the future. I keep the amount of links on my blog very low because I am picky with who I help promote. Daniel and the others I have chosen to link to do great work with a great attitude. I'm happy to share these fantastic resources with all of you!

Have a great Monday!

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