Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I love customer photos!!

Here are a couple I got in email this morning - Happy day to me! :)

The first photo features several of our decals that work together - the birdcage grouping, 3 little birdies and our owl on a branch. She chose to do them all in white with lime bird cage birdies. And check out the orange and white chandelier in the top right corner of the photo - too cool! I love that!

This next photo is my favorite. I think a red front door is so classic and welcoming! The front door on your house should always stand put and be welcoming and I think color is a great way to achieve that. Whether is with a warm red paint, beautiful flowers or other decor - color is a great way to get your visitors' attention and welcome them in your home.
Enjoy your day everyone!

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