Saturday, November 15, 2008

Next Week on the Blog...

Each day next week I will be featuring another Etsy seller. All of them are women I have met through Etsy and have really enjoyed getting to know. We have decided together to dedicate a week to being grateful and giving.

Starting Monday I will introduce a seller, tell a little about them and they will tell us what they are grateful for. They may share favorite Thanksgiving traditions and recipes too. And for the focus on giving we have each put up an item to give away to my awesome blog readers!

The prizes will be revealed by the seller each day. We need you to comment on the posts with things you are grateful for. All of the comments will be put into a pot at the end of the week and drawn randomly. You may enter as many times as you like but you may only win once. All winners will be announced on Saturday and will be put in touch with the seller they will receive their prize from.

We're all very excited about this week long celebration and hope you'll join us in having an attitude for gratitude!

Shelley, Erin, Joy, Amanda and Jen~

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