Friday, November 14, 2008

Hello, remember me?

Hey Everyone - I am hoping to redeem my recent lame blogging with new graphics and a lesson in color today.

This whole thing has a story - first off, the set of frames. I'm sure you all recognize them - they are not new graphics. They are the most popular picks from the sets I have on Etsy. AND they will appear in Better Homes and Garden's 100 Decorating Ideas for Under $100 in the spring - providing I don't get bumped for some crazy reason. After the whole Oprah deal I'm waiting for the actual release, then I'll celebrate :)

So for those 2 reasons I chose these frames for a new project I have been working on. There is a Beehive Co-op coming to CINCINNATI!! I saw the store in all it's construction glory Wednesday morning when I met with Miss Kate Powell, who is responsible for this fantastic addition to our city. You can find it at 6095 Montgomery Rd or you can shop online. So far there are 60 - SIXTY - designers and artists bringing their wares to this shop! Very exciting! I Hope my local customers will take the time to stop by - the big Grand Opening is December 1st. I'll have more details on that later.

So, as you all have figured out, I am one of the 60 designers joining the co-op. The main focal wall in the back of the store is my revolving canvas! How cool is that?! So, getting back to the frames, I thought they would be fun to use for this as they will hang above a couch. On the coffee table will be my catalog for orders and our contact info so you can still get all the custom work you need. You won't be limited!

Our first theme for the store is winter. So many beautiful colors for winter. Personally, my mind goes straight to shimmery white, silver, blues, purples... So that's exactly what I did - and I love the results!

Then I started thinking - not everyone really goes for the bright, pop-art style and I need to have an option for those who want that warm sitting by the fire kind of winter feel. Well, I didn't want to change the graphics. I worked really hard on them and the proportions are just right - so the only thing left to change is COLOR! This is for those of you who think of a crackling fire and warm leather chair when you imagine your winter.

Look at the difference color can make!

With the first layout I used Lilac frames, silver snowflakes, fuchsia for the angels, tree and deer with a bold punch of navy for the text and birdie.

The 2nd layout uses brown frames, buttercream snowflakes, the angels, tree and deer are in forest and burgundy for the text and birdie. Isn't that the perfect winter bird?

This set of frames along with the Winter Accent Kit is now available in our Etsy Shop! I'll be coming out with more accent kits - I love the idea of a revolving canvas at home. You don't even have to change the frame color - just change the accents!

I can't wait to apply these at the co-op! I'm going to use the lilac based color scheme. I look forward to seeing what colors you choose.

Have a great day everyone!


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amybyrd said...

Ok I am so going to order these!! Lilac is my color all the way!! I have to send you a pic of my tree with the bird house I just got it yesterday!